Bank transfer payment method

Dear sir / madam,

We are very sorry but at this time our card processing system is not working very well a lot of orders are failing for no apparent reason , please check your emails for a payment link for our second system , it will come from . Due to the nature of this business and what you are buying , it is getting harder and harder for us to find card payment systems….

none will work with us or any pharma companies… PayPal also refuse to work with us so that leaves us little options. We as a company strive to provide a good ,quick reliable service to our clients and do not scam anyone !!

we are working on new systems but at this time the only other payment method we have is bank transfer , if you have ordered from us before you know we are an honest company so we hope you will take the bank transfer offer.

if you have not ordered from us before we understand the reluctance to pay this way, but I ask you to read our trust pilot reports were you can see we have very good reviews . I hope you will keep shopping with us in the future and if you have any questions please contact me so I can help in any way possible. Thank you for your patience .

Email us at for details.