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  • Bayer Pharmaceuticals

    Bayer Pharmaceuticals are one of the best known pharmaceutical companies in the world; quite simply revolutionary in their field. Bayer’s most famous and best known product is aspirin which was also the first product they produced. Bayer is the second biggest company in the world when it comes to non-prescription drugs and they have over 100,000 employees worldwide. Their pharmaceutical products are sold globally and they are one of the most highly respected and long standing drug production companies. 

  • Ajanta Pharmaceuticals

    Ajanta Pharmaceuticals are at the forefront of pioneering drug production in the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction (ED). A well established and respected firm, Ajanta Pharma as they are more commonly known, have in excess of 5,000 employees and sell their products worldwide in over 40 countries. They have large research and development facilities and over 350 of the world’s best scientists working on developing safe, effective and innovative products. 

  • Aurochem Laboratories

    This is a very large and highly regarded pharmaceutical company that produces nearly 500 different types of drugs. Their medicines and treatments are distributed globally and sold in many countries including South Africa, Germany and Russia. Aurochem Laboratories are a WHO GMP accredited company for their remarkable manufacturing facilities which means that they meet recognised approval for their pre and post manufacturing processes. 

  • Cipla Pharmaceuticals

    Established in 1935 and offering over 2000 products, Cipla has for years created quality products across a wide range of therapeutic categories. In the financial year of 2012-2013 their turnover was in excess of £1 billion pounds. They can boast over 30 world firsts, meaning that they are true pioneers in the pharmaceuticals industry. They are a huge firm with over 20,000 employees and they sell their products worldwide. They strive for excellence in their research and development and deliver a range of innovative products. 

  • Ranbaxy Laboratories

    Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited has recently in March 2015 merged with Sun Pharma which now makes them the world’s fifth largest speciality generic pharmaceutical company. This massive firm maintain the most stringent standards of drug manufacturing and have operations in over 65 countries. Their products are sold in over 150 nations worldwide and they have 45 manufacturing facilities across five continents.  

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items